On May 30, 40 plucky and/or insane volunteers will abseil down 50 Bank Street for the charity SSAFA which provides lifelong support for our Armed Forces and their families.

Oh yes, you really can send your work colleagues over the edge.

ALSO ONLINE: Sign up for charity abseil in Canary Wharf

That’s 12 floors – 230ft feet of prime real estate to dangle over. You know, if you fancy just hanging around this weekend. No previous abseiling experience is required and volunteers will be descending from 9am until 4pm.

The view must be stunning from up there. I’m king of the Wharf! Personally if I’m up that high I prefer to be the other side of the glass, with a cocktail in my hand.

Cheers, though, and good luck to all those taking the plunge.

I wonder if we couldn’t capitalise more on Canary Wharf’s notoriety for greater charity benefit?

What are we known for? Office towers and greedy bankers. Imagine a banker in his suit and tie suspended from a rope above? How much would that look like a piñata?

How much would people pay to beat the piñata with a stick until sweets rained down? Heck, we could probably forget the candy.

Or what about if we lined bankers up along the top of the building and threw wet sponges at them until they fell backwards (in harnesses, obviously)? We’re E14. We’re big, brash and bold. We can super size Splat the Rat! It’s for the greater good.

There is room for last minute registrations and you can register for the abseil at ssafa.org.uk

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