Black Cab drivers stormed City Hall after Boris Johnson called them Luddites during Mayor’s Question Time.

Protesters have brought parts of London to a standstill while demonstrating against Uber – with areas around Tower Bridge, along Tooley Street and down to London Bridge grid-locked.

Supporters waved banners urging Boris to “stand firm” against “Uber’s lobbyists” with many claiming the app service puts public safety at risk.

However, Boris angered protesters when he called them Luddites while answering a question about the introduction of electric cabs.

He got as far as to say: “Can I just say to all the Luddites in the room who don’t want to see new technology...”

A crowd of protesters who hadn’t been allowed in the meeting ran into the room – knocking a security guard unconscious. He has now recovered.

The session was finished in another room, where there was restricted public access, but later returned to the chamber.

A spokesman for the Mayor said: “The Mayor believes it is of vital importance that members of the public are able to observe London’s democratic process in action, just as every Londoner has the right to protest, and the right to have their voice heard.

“What cannot be right however is the use of violence. Assaulting those who are simply going about their everyday duty is disgraceful and unacceptable.

“Whilst the Mayor would have liked to have seen Question Time continue in the Chamber throughout, he fully respects the Chairman’s decision to convene part of the meeting elsewhere in the building.

“He hopes such a suspension will never have to be repeated, and his team will work with the London Assembly to ensure all future meetings are able to take place in the Chamber for the entirety of the meeting.”