Furry handcuff, posh pooch shampoo and Play Doh ponies are some of the bizarre items people have tried to take on planes at London City Airport .

One in eight people (13%) who pass through security at the Royal Docks transport hub have had items confiscated by security because they didn’t meet aviation or immigration rules.

People often try to take Harrods jams home

A YouGov survey commissioned by the airport showed snow globes are the top offender with about 145 of the water-filled souvenirs seized every year.

All liquids carried in hand luggage must be under 100ml and placed in one, sealed, clear plastic bag.

In second place is Harrods and Fortnum and Mason jams and spreads followed by toiletries, Nutella chocolate spread, jarred chutneys and pickles, olive oils, wine, spirits, Marmite and fluffy handcuffs, with a pair confiscated roughly every two weeks.

Fluffy handcuffs are one of the most confiscated items

Chief executive officer at London City Airport Declan Collier said: “Last year the airport welcomed 4.3 million passengers along with an eclectic range of restricted items.”

One passenger was forced to surrender £40,000 of undeclared cash after a security guard spotted a dark mass on an x-ray screen in April.

Cash to the value of more than €10,000 must be declared by passengers flying to a country outside the EU.

These horse treats were found in hand luggage
A passenger had to leave behind these potato forks

Restrictions have also forced people to leave behind Aesop Animal soap, Hamleys Bubble-ator with bubble fuel, Horselyx horse food treats, potato forks for fondue, Waitrose pickled gherkins, a belt made of bullet casings and a wooden meat hammer.

Confiscated items are often given to local charities and food banks in and around Newham.

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