Slaven Bilic believes the secret to West Ham’s early season success lies in his decision to litter the squad with technically gifted players.

The Hammers currently sit third in the Premier League Table, after winning all three away games at Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Whereas previous manager Sam Allardyce preferred a more physical approach, his teams tended to struggle against the Premier League’s big dogs.

Bilic believes his preference for brains over brawn is reaping rewards.

“My staff and I want players who play football,” Bilic told the club's official website. “We are defending well as a unit like we have to with the ball in front of our box.

“But we also have ‘players’ on the pitch. You can’t have more skilful people on the pitch than we have. We have Lanzini, Payet, Obiang, Moses and Noble among others. Aaron Cresswell also is not a big strong left-back – he likes to play.

“I don’t know how long it will last but the best thing is to get football players who also fight for the team. Payet and Lanzini were still running at the end of the game, which is not very common for those type of players – normally they are quite flashy. But they try so hard and that is why we are winning this kind of game.”

Many are now questioning whether the Hammers should look to upgrade their targets for the season, but Bilic refused to be drawn on the possibility of a Champions League charge.

“I don’t lay targets down,” he said. “Nobody is saying we are going to fall. Targets are normal for the clubs at the top. My only target is to try to improve day in and day out and where that is going to take us I don’t know.

“Can we finish in the top four or five? Hopefully, but I am sure the media would be the first before the season to say it wasn’t possible.

“But still it’s unfortunate it’s only six games gone so we have to maintain our levels and we have to improve as there will be ups and downs. We have to keep working and live for every game and every training session.

“It is hard to win away in the league, especially against the three teams we have beaten. But sometimes playing away makes you more organised and means you don't lose your shape.

“It can also be hard to get the balance when you are playing at home so it’s sometimes easier to play away. In the first three rounds in the Premier League, out of 30 games there were only six home wins.

“It won’t stay like that, but especially in the beginning when you are desperate for the home win sometimes that pressure or rushing is your biggest enemy.”