The secret to toning up for summer could lie in sweating it out in 40 degree heat while flat out in cobra pose.

Bikram Yoga London founder Conny Chitnis says although her South Quay studio is a haven for those seeking warmth and exercise in winter it’s just as popular in summer, too.

She believes Bikram’s combination of 26 postures practised in sweltering temperatures offers an effective cardio workout, flexibility, toned tummies and a mental escape - as well as torching up to 1,000 calories in 90 minutes.

Hour-long sessions every Monday and Wednesday mean Wharfers can cram a workout - and swift sandwich - into lunch break.

“In summer it’s popular because people like to work out more,” said Conny.

Bikram Yoga London, South Quay

“They have more energy, are more upbeat and happy and it’s lighter outside.

“Of course if it’s boiling hot outside they might not come so much but building up to summer people want to be in shape, they’re often starting to work out again.

“They want to get fit, tone up and lose weight.

“And people like that it doesn’t feel super-hot - if you run for two hours it’s really long and hard but with Bikram it doesn’t feel as strenuous”

Legs, bums and tums are the main target areas for new clients.

The combination of postures and breathing exercises - each practised twice work a host of muscles.

Sit ups are combined with plenty of stretching and arm use, and it’s the latter where Conny says she’s most toned.

“You’re constantly moving your arms forward, behind on the floor but for toning the locust poses, full cobra and awkward pose are good,” she added.

“Especially if you focus and really hold them like that for a while.

“It’s fast results - that’s why people like it.”

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Bikram Yoga London will be opening a second base twice the size of its current studio in Greenwich.

Building work will begin on the two-floor site, in Greenwich High Road, soon with an expected completion date of October 2015.

Conny said the new facility would target a gap in the market in a “desirable” area.

Other facilities include a outdoor garden are for parties, a wi-fi space so yogis can check emails before a workout and more changing facilities.

“Some people have said are you doing the right thing, it’s so close to Canary Wharf.

“People who work in Canary Wharf live in Greenwich but for others you have to cross the river and it’s like a different world - they don’t want to cross it and you get people that say Canary Wharf is too far.

“For Wharfers who live there, they will have two options.”