Giant advertising screens in Canary Wharf Underground Station have been dimmed by more than 60% after complaints from dazzled commuters.

TfL and Exterion Media unveiled two 7.2metre wide screens by the ticket barriers a month ago. They are part of an eight-year partnership expected to generate £1.1billion.

But while some commuters praised the colourful new additions others said they were hazard.

Holly Donahue tweeted: “TFL should give out sunglasses at Canary Wharf tube station. I don’t think these screens could be bigger or brighter.”

And Alasdair Ross said: “They’re leading to mass pile-ups at the bottom of the escalator as dazed passengers scrape at their eyes.”

Chair of the London Assembly’s Transport Committee and member of the London Assembly for the Liberal Democrats Caroline Pidgeon raised the concerns with Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan who wrote back to say the brightness had been adjusted following seven complaints to TfL.

The brightness of the two screens commuters see as they travel up the escalators from the platforms to the ticket barriers have been reduced by more than 60% and the two screens seen as commuters travel down the escalators from Jubilee Plaza have been reduced by more than 35%. TfL said the reductions varied as there is less natural light to one side, meaning the screens appear brighter.

A TfL spokesperson said, “We received a small number of complaints from customers about the brightness of the new advertising screens when they were first installed at Canary Wharf station. We have taken these concerns on board and adjusted the brightness levels. We will continue to monitor any feedback from our customers.”

The screens show ten-second adverts expected to reach 54million people a year and are part of TfL’s plan to generate £3.4billon of non-fare revenue by 2023/24.

Caroline Pidgeon said: “It is very welcome that TfL have listened to passengers and that the brightness of these huge screens at Canary Wharf station have been adjusted.

“Being bombarded by images is a daily experience for Tube users, but nobody should be forced to have to consider wearing sunglasses as part of their daily commute on the London Underground.”

“I expect these type of screens will become increasingly common at Tube stations so it is vital that TfL continues to listen to passengers and ensures that the needs of passengers are listened to as much as the views of advertisers.”

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