East Londoners evacuated from homes and offices after police discovered an unexploded bomb from the Second World War have taken to Twitter to tell their stories.

Those living and working in and around Old Bethnal Green Road and Temple Street posted images of cordoned off roads and officers patrolling the streets.

Kylie O’Connell @kyohsee branded the finding of the device, thought to be a metre in length, as “just another crazy day in London.”

Others posted about the impact on their routine.

Owner of Inner Athlete Fitness Richard Strachan @starchan400m said: “A world war 2 bomb found near bethnal green station ... hackney road closed made me soooooooo late.”

Jesse Lili @JesseLili revealed she was hotdesking from Ace Hotel. She said: “Working from @acehotel after being evacuated from @WinkleyStudios because there’s an unexploded WW2 bomb on our street!”

And it seems some weren’t so happy about no-work Monday, with Sebastian May @SMAYit revealing the new with a sad face icon.

He said: “Someone dug up a WWII bomb around Bethnal Green and they closed my office. :(“

Meanwhile user Carmen Fishwick @carmenfishwick posted an image of how some residents had seen the funny side – and whipped up placards announcing the find.

She said: “Not sure how seriously some Bethnal Green residents are taking the unexploded WWII bomb evacuation.”