The weekend sunshine didn’t just bring out human sunbathers.

This seal was spotted basking in the waters of Blackwall Basin on Sunday, June 5.

Could it be famous Docklands seal Sammy had popped up to catch some rays or to inspect the sunbathers?

Lara Clark who lives on a 27m 1950s Dutch Barge in the marina spotted the semi-aquatic mammal as she was topping up her tan and managed to grab a few snaps.

This seal popped up in Blackwall Basin to enjoy the sunshine
This seal popped up in Blackwall Basin to enjoy the sunshine

“Around 3pm this lovely seal swam down from the direction of Billingsgate,” she said. “It gave a big male swan a fright and popped up just next to the boat.

“It disappeared under the surface but resurfaced again making a snuffly sound and very inquisitively looked directly at us.

“We looked at one another for a short time before it flipped over and disappeared.”

The Canary Wharf area was the top location on the Thames for spotting marine mammals over the last decade, according to a survey released in August 2015.

Tales of Sammy visiting Billingsgate market to be fed have become common over the years though her identity and even sex have frequently been a matter of debate.

When a seal was spotted swimming around Middle Dock with a drain pipe in its mouth, onlookers dubbed him George to the astonishment of other Isle of Dogs water watchers.

Lara has lived in Blackwall Basin for a year and remembers Channel 4 visiting in August 2015 to film a program about seal spotted in the area. But she did not believe they actually lived there until now.

“This is my first sighting of a seal here,” she said. “I always thought it was a myth.”

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