In a European-first, Transport For London are changing my life. Yup. Me, and all those who have invisible disabilities or conditions and travel in London.

They’re trialling a new blue badge for those who are less able to stand. This idea has legs, and a bottom that really likes the dead skin cell coated carpet-y goodness of their seats. Look for wearers.

Offer them your seat. Get good karma before your morning smackaccino.

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One of the reasons I left E14, and now work from my suburban home, is because I have a degenerative connective tissue condition called Ehlers Danlos III (I can’t pronounce it either – try saying it fast three times in a row for lolz).

We just call it EDS III. It’s multi-systemic, and one of the challenges it throws up is the damage I do to myself simply by standing still.

Yup, standing for five minutes can cause my pelvis to rotate, my hips to partially dislocate, and leave me with weeks of pain and compromised mobility. And you thought commuting was unpleasant already.

Imagine doing it knowing your body is slowly pulling itself apart like hipster pork. Having something invisible should be cool.

It should be like Harry Potter’s cloak, or Bond’s stealth car, but it’s the least satisfactory super power.

I look completely normal (unless I’ve mucked up my makeup). But I hurt. And not in a “I have lots of feelings” way.

I hurt in a bone-tired, dislocating, ripping tissue way. And so I avoid the Tube. It makes me feel less of a Londoner.

Now a blue badge potentially changes that. It’s bestselling, blockbusting news.

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