An undercover BBC report has claimed a journalist obtained fraudulent Security Industry Authority (SIA) cards from two east London colleges.

The Ashley Commerce College in Ilford and The London School of Social Studies in East Ham are named. The former denies the allegations while the manager of the latter has said he is now “a changed man” after admitting the fraud.

The BBC said its reporter got an interview at Canary Wharf with this SIA licence, however, it emerged this week he would have been highly unlikely to get a job on the estate.

A Canary Wharf spokesman said: “The reporter alleged he ‘got an interview’ to work at Canary Wharf. He did not attend this interview or any of the other assessment tests we impose. He was a long way from being employed as a Security officer on the estate. Canary Wharf security staff are trained beyond the SIA standard by our in–house staff.

“The practises shown in the programme are therefore not possible. Any contract staff that work on the site are re-tested at interview on their SIA competencies and also tested and trained beyond this minimum standard.”

The SIA is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK.

An SIA spokesman said: “We take allegations of training malpractice seriously.

“When the BBC shares the information it holds on training malpractice, we will investigate, and where training malpractice is proved, we will take action against the licensed individuals concerned in order to protect public safety.

“We will also pass the information to the qualification authorities and the relevant enforcement partners for them to investigate the training malpractice allegations.”