To lose one Mayor Rahman seems unfortunate, to lose two…

Cllr Oliur Rahman, no relation to disgraced mayor Lutfur Rahman, has stepped down as acting mayor of Tower Hamlets only days after making his former boss’s palatial surroundings his own.

He had, according to reports, worked well with Eric Pickles team of imposed commissioners, earning their respect. But his employer – the Department of Work and Pensions – looked more sternly upon his extra-curricular activities.

A spokesman for the department said: “It is important that Jobcentre Plus staff remain politically impartial in their job.”

With a mayoral election on June 11, with Cllr Rahman not among the candidates and his party – Tower Hamlets First – de-registered, there was little to be gained offending the people who pay his wages.

A spokesman for Tower Hamlets acknowledged the conflict of interest.

He said: “By operation of law the executive powers therefore have already passed to the members of the executive collectively. They have an option to decide at their cabinet meeting on May 13 to choose one of their number to act in place of the mayor.”

Cllr Rahman said he had been put “in the limelight” and had “no choice” but to become acting mayor after his predecessor was deposed.