Angry commuters are slamming the new London Bridge station saying the platforms are “too skinny” and signal failures have left them stuck on stationary trains.

Two thirds of the new hub was unveiled on Monday, August 29 allowing rail passengers access to all platforms from the same level for the first time.

But it has garnered a mixed response from people using it.

Dr Fouzi Sadiq was travelling from the station to Plumstead and claimed the platforms were “jam packed” and “more rammed than usual”.

The 49-year-old told the Standard : “The platforms were more rammed than usual.

“I had the option of catching up any train that gets me to Welling or Woolwich (but I was) thinking of the commuters who don’t have flexible routes.”

Frustrated commuters are taking to Twitter to vent their annoyance at the “chaos”.

David Alexander branded the new platforms “skinnier than a hipster’s jeans”.

Mike Ross said: “Bits of the new concourse at #LondonBridge are broken already. British engineering at its finest. #southeastern”

However Mark Kelly said he was “well impressed with the new #LondonBridge station”.

On Wednesday, August 31 passengers on their way to work shared their views on a points failure causing long delays to the service into the new station.

Kevin Rose said: “@SE_Railway will this train ever make it to London Bridge or will I get fired first for being late? The susense is killing me, what joy.”

Becky Blackwell said: “Who would have thought opening a station would cause so many issues @SE_Railway - I think you should shut #londonbridge again.”

Neil Fowler said: “@Se_Railway - nice job on the trains again this morning! If London bridge isn’t ready then don’t bloody open it!!! #useless”

Network Rail’s head said at the opening of the new concourse on Monday that it will not be enough to solve the problems of commuters who use the station in the long-term.

He said that there had been a “staggering” growth in passenger numbers on services that pass through London Bridge of 5 per cent to 6 per cent every year.