Fans were clutching their hardbacks with delight and eagerly tapping their camera phones as comedian Alan Carr paid a visit to Canary Wharf .

The Chatty Man host took time to meet and greet people in Jubilee Place while signing copies of his autobiography Alanatomy.

The 40-year-old celebrity was bang on schedule despite an apparent confusion about which Waterstones he was supposed to go to.

He tweeted an hour earlier: “For my book signings at Canary Wharf don’t be a moron and go to the wrong Waterstones - its JUBILEE PLACE *leaves Cabot Place quickly*.”

But despite this navigational error, the comedian was on great form as he entertained the onlookers, with one outburst about the lack of “bloody milk” in his tea drawing laughter.

Hayley Edwards travelled all the way from Southend with her husband to meet Alan and she was over the moon.

Alan with Hayley Edwards, who travelled from Southend to meet the comedian

She said: “I think he’s brilliant, he’s absolutely brilliant. He’s just so funny, normal, natural and it was a dream come true.

“I came all the way from Southend with the hubby on the train. We got here three hours early but oh well.

“Like I said he’s just such a normal, lovely bloke and I am so glad that he’s exactly like he is on TV. He’s so funny, I’ve been to his stand-up show and I’ve been to Chatty Man.

“I said to him ‘congratulations on your engagement’ and he showed me his ring and he said that everybody was saying ‘are you going to be a bridezilla’. It’s a bit early for that really.”

People were eager to snap a picture or record a video of Alan Carr

Liz Cocozza, who had a less arduous journey from south London, said: “He was just really, really nice. I am a big fan and just came from south London today.

“He takes time and he talks to you as well, he doesn’t just sign things. I stopped in and talked about my work at Battersea and he just seemed so nice.”

Alanatomy is now available at Waterstones in Jubilee Place and Cabot Place for £20.

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