A service has launched offering bag collection and check-in for British Airways passengers flying from London airports.

AirPortr Plus Bag Check-In picks up luggage from homes and offices in the capital , allowing those flying to travel with only cabin baggage until they reclaim their bags after their flight.

The cost starts at £30 for a single bag with additional items charged at £10 for British Airways flights out of London City Airport , Heathrow and Gatwick. It will be available on flights from Wednesday, October 26, and can be booked now.

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AirPortr CEO Randel Darby said: “Our vision is to transform the way we travel and AirPortr Plus Bag Check-In is a game changer.

“It is the next step in our range of services aimed to make air travel more convenient and stress free.

“The one element of air travel that remained stuck in the 20th century was luggage and how to make the travel process more seamless for passengers. That is the problem we have sought to address.”

AirPortr's latest launch is an add-on to its standard delivery service, which launched at City Airport in 2014.

The check-in service can be pre-booked online with passengers able to select a one-hour slot for pick-up, providing the option of a same day service.

To use it passengers need to check in for their flight with British Airways before collection and have their passports and boarding passes ready for verification at the pick-up address.

Collected bags are then sealed in tamper-aware bags and scanned on arrival at the airport before being loaded onto the appropriate plane.