A former gang member from east London has described using acid in attacks as a “win-win” situation because of its low price, easy availability and the lack of repercussions for carrying it.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the former gang member known as Off admitted he used acid on a rival in an attack a little over a year ago.

Off, in his 20s, used a bottle of common domestic drain cleaner which had a main ingredient of sulphuric acid in the assault.

Bought for few pounds at a hardware store, the liquid left the victim with third-degree burns and needing numerous skin grafts.

Off said: “I looked him straight in the eye, then I douched him in the face and the screaming started.

“It’s a win-win.”

Off was part of a gang in Newham who used acid in squeezable bottles as a weapon of choice.

Off, who has spent time in prison for a series of violent offences, decided to leave gang life behind him after friends of his acid attack victim tried to ambush him in the street and said he now regrets what he did.

In July, Met Police deputy commissioner Craig Mackey said police were investigating links between acid attacks and criminal gangs and described east London as a “hotspot” for the brutal crimes.

East London has been hit by a spate of acid attacks over the summer months.

Assaults have included an attack on cousins Resham Khan and Jameel Muhktar in Beckon on June 21, which left them with life-changing injuries and acid being poured on a pregnant woman and her husband in Mile End on July 4.

On July 13 five people were attacked by moped riders in 90 minutes across east London.

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