SV Tenacious is back in West India Dock, South Quay, and offering tours until 6.30pm on Friday, September 11.

So we thought we would find out a few facts about this ship - which is a sail training ship from the Jubilee Sailing Trust for people of all abilities.

  1. Anyone is able to sail on her. Among the features are raised guiding sections within the walkway and hand rails with arrows to show which way is the bow from the stern for blind people and grips on the deck for wheelchairs.
  2. Wheelchair users can be winched around 80ft in the air into the sails
  3. There is big net that you can chill out on while at sea (see it in our gallery -looks pretty dreamy).
  4. Every time SV Tenacious docks at Canary Wharf people can hop on board and learn all about this ship
  5. People can join sailing tours - with prices between £500 to £1,000, depending on the length of the trip. The next one heads to Australia.
  6. SV Tenacious costs more than £2,000 per day to run
  7. The ship can be steered by everyone - SV Tenacious has a talking compass, steering assistance and space for wheelchair users.
  8. She is one of two sailing tall ships with a working bar on board.

To donate to the Jubilee Sailing Trust charity, click here .