Summer’s gone, get over it. Why? Because winter is here now and we’re quite frankly a little hurt hearing your whining about how cold it is or musing over how many days it is until sandals season again (unless you work at Barclays, your hair toe display days were dashed a few months back, sorry).

We kid, of course, but winter can be pretty grotty, so we’ve come up with 10 things to look forward to for the next few months around the Wharf – things you could never do in the winter.

"let me take a sealfie"

1. Ice skating among the tower blocks

It just feels wrong doing that whole aspen/ski lodge chic stuff in the summer - and what kind of ice skating trip is complete with mulled wine? None, that’s what kind. So put on your best ski-bunny outfit from October 31 and get on that ice you beautiful snow bunny(/hare..?)

Ice Rink Canary Wharf, various times, October 31 to February 27, Canada Park Square

2. Wear a big, cushy coat that could double as a sleeping bag

No matter how much you’d like to wear a big comfy coat in the summer, you’d (a) look pretty ridiculous and (b boil yourself alive on the Tube. Why not get this cosy looking beast (above) from Mango (£199.99) and embrace winter.

Buy here or visit the store in Canada Place Mall.

Quilted hooded coat, Mango, £199.99

3. Travel on the Tube without nearly flashing everyone on the carriage each morning

That awkward specialist taking-off-of-the-jacket move you have to do when you get on the Tube and realise it’s 300 degrees is not an issue in the winter. Welcome to a few months of not having that daily fear of being in a British Transport Police appeal as the “serial Jubilee Line flasher”.

4. Not seeing your office buddies’ toes more often than your own in one day

Feet are kind of gross and for many not welcome in the office, so rejoice podophobics because those toes will be risking frostbite if they’re allowed out their shoe home in the winter.

5. Huddle around a bonfire and watch a few rockets go off

It feels weird huddling round a bonfire in the warmer months, but when it’s nice and crisp outside, there is nothing like it. This year Tower Hamlet’s has brought back the firework display at Victoria Park , so don’t miss it.

Victoria Park Fireworks, 7pm, Saturday, November 7, Victoria Park, free.

6. Spend an entire month drunk in the name of Santa

If you spent every evening in July flitting between the bars in Canary Wharf, people would start to talk, but if you do it in December, it’s totally acceptable because “oh it’s the work party/friends work party/crashed work party”.

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