Unless you’ve been stuck indoors with a Game of Thrones box set and a family-sized box of Ricicles, you’ll have noticed the weather got a little mysterious as November began.

The fog that has gripped London has disrupted parts of the transport network and made many of the city’s landmarks impossible to view.

But it was also an opportunity for snap-happy camera-jockeys to take some captivating and beautiful snaps of the capital ensconced in a fluffy blanket of haze.

Here are our favourites from today:

1. Top of the Wharf

Like a metaphor for the past decade, London’s financial district came upon some pretty uncertain times before rising above it higher than before. Unfortunately our office is not pictured here, so obscured were we by the foggy mists.

2. Golden slumbers

London is bathed in a honey-hued mist as the capital wakes up to go to work. Yum. Where’s the yogurt?

3. What lies beneath

Creepy scenes this morning at Victoria Park. This would have made the perfect horror film setting, but unfortunately the film crews seemed to have other engagements.

4. Bring me the horizon

Where has the rest of Greenwich gone? Great snap by a walker in Greenwich Park on the morning the fog took over.

5. Hello there

The Shard pops its head above the clouds for a chat with London’s air traffic.

6. Wap a load of that

Snapped by a reader on Wapping Old Stairs, the south bank of the Thames is barely visible but for a few street lights.