1. Roll around on roller skates handing out your CV

This has actually happened. Post-recession a man went on a bit of a roller skate tour around the estate handing out CVs in a bid to secure himself a new 'roll'.

2. Sandwich board

Again, this has been done many times, but one business administration under-graduate secured a job with RBS in 2014 after he stood with the board outside Canary Wharf Tube station that read; “You have the ability to kick-start my career in banking. Talk to me.”

ALSO ONLINE: Former high-flying businessman stands outside Canary Wharf Tube station with ‘hire me’ sign

3. Slip your CV into one of the free newspapers (including The Wharf, cough cough)

And another one which has been done. A teenager left his CV in copies of the Evening Standard last year in the hope one reader may be his next boss. We never heard back if he found a job though.

4. Start a ‘read my CV and hire me’ pop-up

Everyone else seems to be doing it and they’re getting weirder and weirder every minute, with east London seeming to be the home of the pop-up. Blobfish are making their name through the mini stalls, so why shouldn’t you?

5. Offer your services for free - as in embark on an internship

This is possibly a better way to show what you're made of - as you’ll be demonstrating your work skills, rather than your ability to stand outside in the British weather for long periods handing out leaflets (although the latter is not to be sniffed at).