The Tube strike is likely to result in working from home, so we had a little think about what you may need to watch out for. Seriously, this is for your own good.

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1. Jeremy Kyle

This guilty pleasure may not be something anyone wants to admit watching. But it’s gripping stuff as the show’s mildly sadistic host keeps poor Sharon waiting five achingly-long minutes to find out which of her five ex boyfriends is her baby’s father.

2. The fridge

There is food in there. Delicious food. Even if it isn’t delicious (weird combinations are made in the name of procrastination) it’s still food and God it’s distracting.

3. Doctors

The Riverside Surgery has some tales to tell and they’re amazing – like when our favourite character Dr Heston Carter was in a relationship with that monster Marina Bonnaire – who couldn’t keep watching that?

4. Youtube (basically cat videos)

No words needed, just look at this video:

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5. Your bed

The only reason we leave this is to go to work to get paid and so our parents won’t worry we’re not functioning human beings. But with it in the next room, who’s going to be able to resist jumping back in and hiding for the day?