Those in Canary Wharf can now connect to 4G mobile coverage across the estate’s shopping malls.

Social media addicts eager to post a sweaty gym selfie after a Psycle session or an Instagram image of their Breakfast Club pancakes can do so more easily after broadcast provider Arqiva rolled out the in-building service across Canada Place, Jubilee Place and Crossrail Place.

It will complement the existing 2G and 3G coverage in Canada Place and Jubilee Place.

Chief administrative officer of Canary Wharf Group Camille Waxer said: “We want all our visitors to be able to stay connected, wherever they are in Canary Wharf, especially as so many people use social media to share their experiences, be it shopping or socialising with friends on the Crossrail Roof Garden.

“Having a smooth and uninterrupted service also ensures the future-proofing of our technology.”

The system is deigned to make sure devices can connect to a mobile signal when underground, in large buildings or there is heavy footfall.

It is thought the service will be critical for Crossrail Place , a transport hub built into a dock, where much of the structure is underground and making it difficult to receive radio signals.

By ensuring an uninterrupted internet experience, Arqiva believes shops and restaurants in Canary Wharf will be more desirable, and those exploring the estate will want to stay for longer.

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Arqiva’s Nicolas Ott, said: “People expect to connect wherever they are, and on from whatever device they have in their hands. Research from Arqiva revealed that 46% of people are more likely to return to a store if they have connectivity, and one in three people will stay in the store for longer.

"Browsing the internet whilst shopping is critical to the consumer experience and to the retailer’s bottom line, so mobile connectivity is vital.”