We’ve given 2016 a good shot, but I think we can all agree that it hasn’t really worked out. I’m a writer, I like a bit of drama, but 2016 hasn’t just shaken the status quo it’s smashed it into a thousand tiny sharp shards.

We’ve lost some good people and gained a fair few we would rather not have.

And the joke’s grown thin and uncomfortable, like shoes you should have chucked out years ago.

It’s time we faced up to the fact this year just isn’t working.

Assuming someone’s already tried turning 2016 off and on again, and it’s still looking wrong, we should quit while we’re ahead.

I can’t be the only one who has gone from reading multiple newspapers and spending hours on Twitter, to hiding from everything.

My social media accounts are suspended. The news is off.

If someone starts discussing current affairs on the radio I dive for the nearest soft furnishings and bury my head in the fabric like an ostrich in sand.

I’m not proud of my behaviour, but it’s become a question of survival. I can get up and face a news silenced world, or I can stay in bed.

And no amount of happy bouncing Christmas adverts will fix it.

Which is what’s made me decide. There’s no point flogging a dead horse, and hounding this year to the bitter end.

Let’s wrap it up early and go home. Like over-tired toddlers, we’ve all done enough shouting and crying, so I’m putting us down for a six-week nap.

That’s time enough to recover, recuperate, and be ready to start 2017 afresh. Ready to put 2016 behind us.

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