Motorists have been advised to “drive less” after 20 people were killed in road accidents in the East End in 2014.

Road safety charity Brake released figures on road-related injuries, revealing eight deaths in Tower Hamlets , seven in Hackney and five in Newham.

In total, there were 212 people across the three boroughs who were either killed or seriously injured, with more than 3,000 casualties overall.

Brake will begin its Road Safety Week campaign on Monday, November 23, supported by the Metropolitan Police.

They have said motorists should look at other options than driving to make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Brake director Gary Rae said: “We understand that not everyone has freedom of choice in the way they travel, hence we continue to have a strong year-round focus campaigning for a safer environment for walking and cycling through our Go 20 campaign.

“Our main aim through Road Safety Week is to help people consider the options open to them, and better understand the benefits of driving less, to road safety, health, personal finances, communities and the planet.

“It has also become a crucial fixture for many educators, road safety professionals, and employers around the country too. We believe this year’s theme is a critical one for all of us, providing a chance to show how road safety is a bigger issue than many people think.”

Det Chief Supt Paul Rickett, from the Met’s roads and transport policing command, said: “The Met’s roads and transport policing command is the largest policing command in the UK and every week our work involves enforcing standards of driving and riding by all classes of road user. Our innovative Operation Safeway provides a highly visible presence on our streets to improve road safety.

“Together, we are focussed on the safety of our most vulnerable road users - cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and horse riders.”