Canary Wharf’s Castle Fine Art is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Owned by the Castle Galleries, the North Colonnade store will offer free limited edition prints to customers who spend more than £250 on Saturday, October 10, and Sunday, October, 11.

Here are 20 facts to celebrate the milestone.

1. Castle Galleries has stocked work from over 100 artists in its 20 year history, including Stuart McAlpine Miller, Romero Britto and Raphael Mazzucco.

2. As the UK’s leading art retailer, Castle Galleries currently boasts 34 galleries around the UK.

3. The fastest selling collection in Castle Galleries’ 20-year history saw one edition sell out in a record five minutes.

4. Castle Galleries founder Ian Weatherby-Blythe was a born retailer, managing his own business from age 16.

5. Castle Galleries holds approximately 250 events every year.

6. The business, along with its fine art publisher, employs 225 people.

7. Castle Galleries’ first outlet opened in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1995. It can still be found in the same street.

8. Work from artists from all corners of the globe including the USA, New Zealand, France, China and Rome adorn Castle Galleries’ walls.

9. Artists of all ages – ranging from 27 at the youngest to 92 at the oldest – can be found in its portfolio of creatives.

10. Every single limited edition and original work sold by Castle Galleries is signed by the artist.

11. Work from artists specialising in a wide range of genres including photorealism, pop art, photography and sculpture can be found in the brand’s retail outlets.

12. Castle Galleries’ fine art publisher Washington Green Fine Art will celebrate 30 years in business next year after launching in 1986.

13. Supporting new artists is important to the business – as part of its Autumn Collection 2015 Castle Galleries introduced artists Carly Ashdown, Laura Tinald and Bob Oxley to the fine art market.

14. Castle Galleries sells fine art from cultural icons including Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood and Billy Connolly.

15. Every month, over 2,000 paintings and prints are expertly hand mounted and framed by a team of talented craftsmen.

16. Every piece of Castle Galleries’ art is framed individually – the final design is picked from a selection of 400 wood frames and 40 different mounts.

17. The Castle Galleries website receives over 5million page views each year.

18. Castle Galleries is home to work from more than 60 of the UK’s leading contemporary artists.

19. 20 is the magic number – exactly 72 people have bought exactly 20 pieces to date.

20. Since its launch in 1995, Castle Galleries has delivered quality, creativity and style to its clients.