If the broomstick is in the garage and the transformation to a bat still tricky without WD40, then you may be required to go by plane this Halloween .

But if the prospect of airline food and passport control give you the creeps, then spare a thought for those travelling to Norway, Congo, Brazil and elsewhere.

A glance at their boarding pass might send the shivers down the spine – and that’s not the customs officer checking them out for contraband.

The world’s top 10 scariest sounding airports have been revealed in a poll by London City Airport .

Top 10 Scariest Sounding Airports

  1. BOO – Bodø, Norway
  2. DIE – Arrachart, Madagascar
  3. AXE – Xanxerê, Brazil
  4. HEL – Helsinki Vantaa, Finland
  5. GUT – Gütersloh, Germany
  6. KIL – Kilwa, Congo
  7. SIN – Singapore Changi International, Singapore
  8. BAT – Chafei Amsei, Brazil
  9. AGH – Ängelholm-Helsingborg, Sweden
  10. DED – Dehradun, India

Chief executive of London City (LCY) Declan Collier: “On Halloween it would be rather appropriate to be flying to Juwata in Indonesia or Tremonton in the USA – TRK or TRT. However, most people reading the top 10 will feel more like Roland Garros on Réunion Island or Carlton Hill in Australia – RUN and CRY.”

Getting away from all this miserable weather? We should be so LCY.