Adam Deacon - who shot to fame through films Kidulthood and Adulthood as Jay - has been banned from contacting fellow star and director Noel Clarke.

The actor from Bethnal Green was handed a restraining order on Thursday, August 20, after being found guilty of harassment without violence earlier this year after sending numerous abusive message over social media to his old friend.

The abuse started when the pair fell out after creating Kidulthood-spoof Anuvahood in 2010, with Deacon claiming on Instagram and Twitter that his friend was bullying him and sabotaging his career - despite winning a Bafta for his role.

BBC reported that Oscar Merry, representing Deacon, said: “Perhaps Mr Deacon had justifiable reasons for feeling aggrieved towards Mr Clarke, perhaps he did not.

“What is clear is that his online trolling of Mr Clarke overstepped the mark from unreasonable behaviour to actions that were unacceptable.”

Mr Clarke said at first he had ignored the abuse until Deacon started posting pictures of his children - one with a gun emoji, which he took as a death threat.

The court heard in the actor’s defence that the 32-year-old had been sectioned in January and diagnosed with bipolar, while also using cannabis.

Deacon’s lawyer said his behaviour “totally out of character” and that he was having a “full mental breakdown” at the time of the abuse.

Deacon was sentenced at Hammersmith Magistrates Court