Imagine an entire working week commuting - that's almost as long as Londoners spend getting to and from work in a year.

Londoners spent 107 hours per year over the past two years, according to the latest findings from the National Travel Survey. This works out at four and a half days.

If you could start this at 7am on Monday, you would finally arrive at work at 6pm on Friday afternoon - just in time to clock off for the weekend. This was a day longer than anywhere else in the country.

The next most miserable commute belonged to the people of the East of England, who spent 71 hours on their way to or from work per year in 2013 and 2014, which was also the figure for the country as a whole.

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The average Londoner did not far to go on their commute - 7.9 miles was the average - but their journeys took much longer than the rest of the country.

These figures are the average for people of all ages - including children and the elderly who largely don't need to commute anywhere. This dragged down the average time spent commuting for working age people.

Londoners of all ages made 152 trips to and from work between 2013 and 2014.

But across England, the average person in their 20s made 266 trips to and from work last year.

More than 100 extra journeys a year would have piled up yet more hours on the annual commute.

Region of residence: // Total hours spent travelling pp per year (hours) // Days

• London // 107 // 4.5

East of England // 71 // 3.0

England // 71 // 3.0

South East // 70 // 2.9

Yorkshire and The Humber // 64 // 2.7

West Midlands // 63 // 2.6

North West // 62 // 2.6

East Midlands // 60 // 2.5

North East // 58 // 2.4

South West // 56 // 2.3