A fast food restaurant manager from Hackney has been jailed after he covered up a stabbing by erasing CCTV footage and using bleach to destroy forensic evidence.

Sameer Hussain, 29, of Clarence Road, was sentenced to 21 months in prison after he admitted perverting the course of justice when he obstructed police investigations into the attack at the restaurant in Chatsworth Road.

On Wednesday, December 23 2015, two men aged 26 and 29 visited the restaurant and were attacked and stabbed as they placed their order.

Hussain, the manager in charge that night, was not involved but he set about covering up the crime and did not call 999, leaving the men to stagger to a nearby hospital.

He told police that the CCTV system was broken but Hackney CID established that he had deliberately deleted the footage and used bleach to destroy the forensic evidence left behind in the shop.

Hussain’s actions meant that there was insufficient evidence for officers to find and charge the attacker.

Hackney CID detective constable Ben Kahane was the officer in charge of the investigation and said: “Through the actions of Hussain, two men were prevented from seeing justice done.

“Hussain arrogantly thought that by deleting CCTV footage and destroying forensic evidence there would be no consequences to his actions, and that the police would leave him and his business alone.

“This sentence sends out a clear message to those considering destroying evidence to frustrate police investigations.

“Should you actively attempt to obstruct the police and tamper with a crime scene, your actions will be investigated, you will be prosecuted and you may find yourself in prison.”

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