Founded by Joanne Beckham – David Beckham’s sister – and former professional footballer Jay Smith, WeAreYourCity aims to deliver luxury.

Here the two friends tell us a bit more about their venture and what members can expect following its launch.

Joanne said: “We have been working hard on this for the last 12 months and now already have 70 partners throughout London after starting out with brands within Mayfair.

“I just wanted people to experience all the wonderful places and things that I have been lucky enough to be able to over the years.

“We’ve both come up with it from friends and colleagues asking how to get in here and where did you get that.”

Jay, who has experience working with Rolls Royce and Boodles, said: “The vetting system for members is very important and strict – we want to make sure we don’t take on too many people so we can deliver a much more personal service to our members – the quality of the service is always first and foremost.”

While expanding further in London, Jay and Joanne are also looking to take the service abroad to places like LA, the Far East and, potentially, India.

Membership costs £1,500 a year and here’s what they promise you’ll get.

1. Dedication

Jay said: “Many places say ‘we can deliver anything, anytime’, but we want to make sure we provide the best quality every time, which can take a little longer sometimes.”

2. A personal approach

Joanne said: “We really want to make sure people always feel they are valued as a member, so they should have one-to-one attention when they want – we are not a big global faceless company.”

3. Access to high quality brands

Jay said: “With places like one of the brands Mr Porter you can see the stock before it goes onto the website, so you’ll have the first pick of the goods. We have that with a few places, so for items that may be straight onto a waiting list, you would be ahead of that.”

4. Bespoke packages and services

Joanne said: “We are thinking of doing a package for partners that are maybe not great at remembering birthdays or anniversaries, so we will create a day out, or gift package for them. It can be done for valentines and other occasions as well.”

5. Access to great places to network

Jay said: “It can provide great access for networking – like an event we were invited to recently, the Tiffany Polo event, where Andrew Lloyd Webber and other famous faces were.”