A reality television show which mixes gruelling rugby training, psychological analysis and job hunting is coming to Millwall.

Sky Sport’s School of Hard Knocks is taking a group of 25 unemployed men from deprived backgrounds and putting them through a gruelling training regime to try and help them develop the confidence, discipline, communication and self-motivation needed to succeed in the job market.

Hosted by Rugby World Cup winner Will Greenwood , former British Lions player Scott Quinnell and leading motivational psychologist Paul Boross , the show will see the participants undergo eight weeks of training in the hope that they can change both their mental and physical health before they search for employment.

Paul Boross described rugby as the perfect sport to use to build confidence and teach players about respect and teamwork.

He said: “From Millwall you can see the City and all these banks. It was a stark contrast to take a group of unemployed men from deprived backgrounds onto a pitch with this huge economic wealth in the background.

“Playing rugby is very important. People get stuck into rugby and start coming out of their comfort zones and try something new.

“It’s my job to get them to hold onto that feeling and use it to see what else they can do. If you can tackle a 16 stone guy who’s running at you, what can’t you do?

“The real point of the show is to teach them rugby in order to give them the skills sets they need and teach them attitudes they can carry forward into work and through life.”

He added: “Being part of the show is the greatest privilege in the world, it really is. Seeing the changes in the lives of these people, who might not have had much but learn to become the best example for their families, it’s just wonderful.

“It’s a privilege to know you’re helping to change lives. It’s not just a TV show, it becomes a family.”

The ninth series of School of Hard Knocks will start on Sky Sports at 10pm on Thursday, May 4.

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