A dozen companies have made the finals of the Cognicity Challenge, competing in the Connected Home and Virtual Design & Construction streams of Canary Wharf Group’s smart city accelerator challenge.

The finalists will begin a 12-week programme in the High Growth Space:24, the expansion space of Level39’s tech company incubator.

This cohort has been specifically chosen to address the future development of the Canary Wharf estate – including Wood Wharf – which will include residential properties for the first time.

The first phase of this development will be completed by 2020 and Virtual Design & Construction technology will help inform the design and development. Innovators in the Connected Home stream will help create the next generation of live-work development.

Head of Level39 Eric Van der Kleij said: “The Cognicity Challenge offers these innovative companies a unique opportunity to accelerate the development of their future city technologies and pilot them within the Canary Wharf estate.”

The finalists selected for the Connected Home accelerator stream are:

  • Block Dox: a system that puts a wealth of services at residential tenants’ fingertips.
  • Canary Control: a cloud-based heating control system that combines multiple sources of data to manage internal temperatures.
  • Current Table: a company that integrates solar panel technology into a really smart piece of furniture.
  • Domcontrols: a platform that allows the user to monitor and control connected devices remotely.
  • Heat Genius: a system that controls temperatures through zoning technology.
  • Puckily: a system allows users to control Internet of Things devices around the home from a single interface.

The finalists for the Virtual Design & Construction accelerator stream are:

  • 3D Repo: technology that connects various stakeholders in construction projects.
  • BaseStone: a system that allows workers to remotely share data from a construction site in real time.
  • CyberCity 3D, Inc: a geospatial-modelling innovator.
  • iBISM: technology that integrates different communication protocols.
  • Intelle Innovations: a platform that produces real-time, editable virtual environments, which can be displayed on a variety of devices.
  • Simudyne: a virtual decision-making platform for developers that can act as a sandbox.