Victoria Beckham has come out in support of working mums saying that “they should never feel guilty” about managing a career alongside family life.

Speaking in a new campaign for British Airways, the mum-of-four reveals she has no regrets about leaving her children to fly around the world to build her fashion empire, saying that she believes it is “inspiring them in the right way”.

The 42-year-old’s musings have caused a backlash on social media, with commentators pointing out that the Spice Girl is in an exceedingly more privileged position than most other working mums, with the luxury of having a team around her of nannies, chefs, personal trainers, hairdressers, PAs to help with the childcare, daily household chores and own self maintenance.

I agree Victoria isn’t your typical working mum.

Jet-setting around the world for your own fashion business, personal drivers on call, staying over in your own multi-million pads where you have duplicate wardrobes and staff on hand for when you arrive isn’t quite the same as schlepping to work, a routine nine to five office job, on the Jubilee Line, with a ladder in your stockings, and a windswept and wet barnet the result of not being prepared for yet another unexpected downpour in grey-skied Blighty.

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However, she does still go out to work and she’s a mum so she has experience of what it’s like to juggle a career with family commitments. She’s entitled to wave the flag for working mums, to say “you know what, don’t beat yourself up, be proud about what you’re doing”.

Nothing has been handed to Victoria Beckham. She may have had a lucky break when she was selected to join the Spice Girls but she’s made the most of it by working hard and grabbing her opportunities.

There must be times when she’s left the children with a nanny to attend either a fashion show or meet with her creative team only to sit there wondering what her babies are up to, if she’s missing out on anything or if they’re missing her.

She’s no different, she shares the same feelings as any working mum and she’s simply saying to us all to cut ourselves some slack.

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