Innovation is commonplace in the high-end car industry. Want to know what added extras will be in your mid-range family saloon 10 years from now?

Simply look at the toys and components that come as standard in the world’s top marques today. Such innovative design is the result of a team that understands what it takes to satisfy its audience.

Porsche Centre East London prides itself on having a happy team, a culture of respect and understanding, whereby the principles of senior management are picked up and put into practice by everyone who works there.

It also fosters a culture that enables dialogue with senior management about employee observations.

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The company, sponsor of the Employer category at The Wharf Innovation In Business Awards 2016, understands how to promote innovation among employees.

“Of inquiries we get, 85% are from customers who know which cars they want to buy,” said centre principal Ivan Howell.

“If you know how to treat them when they make that inquiry, they’ll buy from you. Treat them badly, and they’ll use another dealer.”

Porsche Centre East London principal Ivan Howell believes treating staff well is fundamental to his business

Reaching that point is dependent on employee knowledge of both Porsche’s offering, and the market in which it operates.

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So it follows that staff retention is key to generating this innovative mindset in your team.

“Our customers want to see longevity of staff,” said Ivan. “Selling high-end cars requires knowledge. If the client sees lots of new faces, they’ll question the staff’s knowledge of the product they represent.”

The Jardine Motor Group, parent of Porsche Centre East London, recently conducted an employee survey that helped staff to learn more about the culture of the business.

Ivan takes particular pride in the response to three of the questions: “Can you have an open, honest conversation with your direct line manager, my direct line manager treats me with respect and my direct line manager inspires and supports me to do the best I can.”

All three were met with 100% affirmative answers. It is with this in mind that Ivan will be helping to judge the Employer award.

“I’ll be looking for evidence of a low turnover of staff, and that businesses treat their teams the way they would expect to be treated,” he said.

“If you have an inspired centre full of happy employees, you’ll achieve financial and customer objectives, and profits will follow.”

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