It started when I came back to the office from lunch last week to find the bin near my desk brimming with rubbish.

I know that is what bins are designed for but this particular rubbish receptacle is to all intents and purpose mine – and the overflowing contents were not of my making.

To make matters worse the trash was of the pungent kind – the remains of a tuna niçoise salad complete with half-eaten egg, an overripe banana peel and black coffee slops. For the entire afternoon, my nostrils were assailed by the unpleasant funk.

I thought perhaps it was a one-off incident but BinGate has happened every day since. Every time I leave my desk, I return to find another item of rubbish casually thrown into my bin. It’s the equivalent of indoor fly tipping. Wait until no-one’s around and then dump and run.

In this case, one man’s trash is definitely not another’s treasure.

I’m not normally the gerrymandering type but every person in the office has their own bin, located by their own desk so there is no reason for anyone to start putting rubbish into somebody else’s.

Fed up with the daily stench and the lack of space for my own refuse, I decided to find out who was trashing my personal space.

Like a modern-day Nancy Drew I was going to catch the culprit. I held off from setting up covert surveillance, trip-wiring the bin and similar in favour of simplicity. On Tuesday, I put my plan into action. I pretended to leave the office by making a great show of putting on my coat and asking loudly if anybody wanted anything. It was Oscar worthy.

I headed for the lifts. I then left it a couple of minutes before quickly turning on my heel and back through the doors into the office.

And there he was caught mid-dump. Tank-top wearing Barry, the Don of the petty cash. A piece of salmon and cream cheese bagel, a Beet Beautiful Juice carton and an apple core being slam-dunked right before my eyes.

He flushed a little when he saw me, bowed his curly-haired covered head and shuffled away.

I’m hoping that will be the last of any unwanted deposits from Barry unless, of course, they are of the monetary kind.

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