Millennials are leading the way the UK’s entrepreneurial landscape, with thousands of undergraduates already running their own business.

The statistics released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency show 52,000 students have created companies before leaving university.

And Westminster Business School’s director of postgraduate programmes Dr Spinder Dhaliwal investigated the growing trend in her latest book ‘The Millennial Millionaire: How Young Entrepreneurs Turn Dreams Into Business’.

Among these business-minded youngsters is business school alumni Sarah Watkinson-Yull, owner of Yull shoes, and Kristian Else, founder of Hallbookers.

Sarah started a business first and later chose to pursue a degree which would complement and fulfil her business needs.

Dr Spinder Dhaliwal

Kristian took his personal problem, in this case his accommodation, and created a website that allows students to voice their opinions on private student halls.

Dr Dhaliwal’s book profiles these students to provide tips for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own journey.

She said: “The business climate is constantly evolving. As entrepreneurship becomes increasingly vital for the growth of the economy, more and more young graduates are taking up the chance to run their own business; it is this young entrepreneurial talent that is needed to identify gaps in the market and use these as opportunities for business success.

“It is important to ensure that universities, governments, public and private bodies continue to support and help develop the future business leaders of tomorrow.”

The Millennial Millionaire is available on Amazon.

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