Driving temporarily took a back seat at Carrot Cars as staff sought out a space for the firm’s first London Transport Award.

The South Quay crew eventually settled on new shelving for the glass trophy celebrating the title of Taxi and Private Hire Operator of the Year.

“It was nice to be there,” said manager Adam Wiltsher of the celebrations at the Lancaster London Hotel.

“It was just a great thing to be nominated especially because of where we have come from as a company in five years.

“As the awards were read out and it was heading to our turn everyone started to get nervous – and as soon as our name was read out everyone jumped up. We were really happy.”

The minicab firm recently branched out from its E14 heartland to attract new business in the City.

Carrot has also launched a special offer for the new City-based restaurants on its books and staff who call for a cab following a late night shift.

“We know a few people in the City area and we are trying to make contacts that way,” said Adam. “In the next couple of months it should start to pick up.

“The award is going to help us with prospective new clients to say, ‘This is what you can expect at Carrot Cars’.

“And it reinforces with our current clients that we are the best in London.

“A lot of business clients want to sit in the car and do emails or read through documents and you can’t necessarily do that on the train.

“And we’ve got our executive fleet of BMWs if they’re looking for a bit of extra luxury.”

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