The Lord Mayor of London Alan Yarrow is hoping to recruit financial and corporations to get involved with City Giving Day.

The event, on September 30, aims to bring together colleagues working in the City and Canary Wharf, while doing something beneficial for the community or a charity.

At its launch on Tuesday, July 7, members spoke about the importance of bringing corporate social responsibility into mainstream business.

Advice was also given on how to spread philanthropy to a wider audience and enable charitable involvement from across their work forces.

The Lord Mayor of London Alan Yarrow

Lord Mayor Yarrow said: “Only 22% of Londoners know about the corporate social responsibility (CSR) work going on within the companies they work for, but we want this to change.

“We think it’s important for people to know what’s going on and for more people to get involved.”

Barclays community leader for the City of London Mike Hill, who works with City and Canary Wharf employees, gave five suggestions for anyone stuck on how to get involved.

1. Hold sponsored activities

He said: “Take part in walks, runs, singing, or not singing. Not talking seems to be a popular one to sponsor at our place.”

2. Open a can

He said: “People seem to love doing events with beans for some reason – whether that’s bathing in them or eating them – they’re very popular.”

3. Get baking

He said: “All my staff are convinced they are genius bakers. The wonderful City workers do give us money for their products though, although I imagine they then throw them away.”

4. Spin to win

He said: “People like to imagine themselves riding distances to Paris or somewhere on exercise bikes while in the comfort of a lovely air-conditioned office.”

5. Make it a team building exercise

He said: “My staff love anything to do with training as a team. We seem to do a lot of sponsored walks to pubs though.”

Businesses can register here by July 31 to get involved.