“People will buy a car from us because they’ve had the aspiration in their heads for some time. For them it’s a childhood dream.”

Many of us know the feeling that Porsche Centre East London principal Ivan Howell encapsulates.

We gaze longingly at the cars in magazines, on websites, on Top Gear or even pulling alongside us at a set of traffic lights.

For some, the desire burns so brightly that there is no other sign that they’ve made it than possessing one of these classics for themselves.

Centre principal Ivan Howell

Ivan said: “Many of our customers’ aspiration was to work hard enough to afford a Porsche. They may have been thinking about it for some time, certainly with the 911 because it’s such an iconic car.”

The 49-year-old had some advice for those who find themselves in a position to realise the dream.

What should I consider first?

“Make sure the car is right for you and your personal circumstances – a lot of people will do some internet research on the different models available. Think about what model you want and what you want it for. Most people will have in their minds what they want and they’ll research those products before they get in contact.”

I’ve decided I want a Porsche. What happens now?

“Once you’ve narrowed it down to several cars to consider, get in touch or visit the showroom. The sales team will find out what the customer would like to achieve with the purchase.”

Can I test-drive one?

A Porsche lies in wait for a purchaser at Porsche Centre East London

“You need to test drive the car to make sure it matches their expectations. We have three set routes throughout east London depending on what sort of drive people want to do.

“We try to tailor the test drive but with the traffic it can cause a lot of issues so we can always do a second or third drive.”

That traffic was a pain but I love this car. What next?

“Once you’ve test driven the car, we then have the specification lounge with a screen that can be linked to a laptop and to the Porsche configurator online. We can go through every single option available on that specific car and explain what it is and what the benefit will be.”

Is this the part you ask me about money?

The showroom

“We have to find out how you’re going to pay for it. We’ll talk about the cost of the car and finance packages that are available. Once we’ve sorted out the purchase price we then ask you to sign an order that reflects the specification.”

OK that’s all done, when do I get the keys?

“It does vary depending on what the factory is allocating to us. I would say on average, for us to take delivery of the vehicle, it’s 16 weeks. It could even be up to six months and for more specified models it could be nine to 12 months.”

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