An LED bar that activates coloured lighting in response to visitor’s footsteps has been installed in the Crystal at Royal Victoria Dock.

Pavegen, which was first trialled in Canary Wharf , generates electricity from footsteps as it converts the weight of a step into a continuous power source, using the electricity to power lighting, advertising and wayfinding signage.

The 11 tiles have been installed as part of a joint project with Siemens which will also analyse daily footfall levels as well as footsteps per tile. The installation allows Pavegen to demonstrate the potential of footfall energy in a public space.

A man testing out the Pavegen technology

Pavegen CEO and founder Laurence Kemball-Cook said: “With Siemens, we know we can prove that sustainability in the urban space is viable.

“It’s a huge step towards Pavegen’s final goals in becoming a commercially viable energy solution.”

Operations manager at The Crystal , Josh Palmer said: “As the world’s largest exhibition focused on sustainable cities, we are constantly looking for exciting new technologies which can play an important role in the future of our cities. The Pavegen tiles form part of our new Kinetic Energy zone which will provide an informative and fun experience for all visitors to the Crystal exhibition.”