Digital Shadows is looking to continue the “rapid expansion” it has experienced since moving in to Level39.

The cyber security firm was part of the inaugural Aceenture Fintech Innovation Lab held at the technology accelerator’s launch at One Canada Square in 2013.

Digital Shadows was founded in 2011 by former Detica employees James Chappell and Alastair Paterson with the aim of helping other companies make the most of their digital footprint while minimising the risks.

James said: “We became increasingly concerned about the new threats companies were facing online, in particular to the way that the digital footprints (trails left online) of businesses were becoming more relevant to the security of computers and the information they held.

“There are clearly lots of advantages to the way trends such as social media, outsourced computing and consideration of IT in the workplace are changing the way we conduct digital business.

“Alastair and I discussed how businesses need to make the most of their digital footprints while managing the risks in what we call the digital shadow.

“We wanted to devise a solution that would provide these organisations with better situational awareness into these online risks.”

When it joined Level39 , Digital Shadows consisted of 15 people. It now has 85 and opened up a joint headquarters in San Francisco in 2014.

Level39’s high growth space on the 42nd floor of One Canada Square houses 50 of those employees.

James said: “We want to continue with our rapid expansion and grow the business globally. Innovation is very important to us, so we want to continue building the technology so that we can offer our clients even greater situational awareness.”