Digital agencies, a sector of the tech industry that helps brands exploit digital platforms, have expressed concern over the Brexit vote and the threat to its talent pool.

A survey of 272 digital agencies reports that:

  • 47% stated that it will be harder to attract non-British talent to work in their company.
  • 90% of digital agencies have at least one non-British European employee.
  • Each digital agency has 3.5 unfilled vacancies.
  • It takes nearly 8 weeks to find the right person to fill each vacancy.

Bridget Beale, Managing Director at Bima, the digital agency association, said: “Agencies are already crying out for diverse talent; and they are clearly worried that Brexit will further narrow the talent pool.”

Bima has launched Digital Day on Tuesday (November 15) which puts digital challenges and potential mentors into secondary schools.

Bridget said: “Our message to young people in schools all across the UK is simple: we have jobs for you – and they’re some of the most fulfilling and exciting jobs in the world.”

Nigel Vaz, CEO EMEA for digital agency SapientNitro , based in Spitalfields Art Market and backing Digital Day, said: “The skills gap is one that is challenging the digital industry, with thousands of desirable positions going unfilled across the country.

“This gap is damaging to the growth of British industry, and means that many talented people are missing out on rewarding jobs due to a lack of modern skills.”