Joanne Beckham and business partner Jay Smith have launched WeAreYourCity – a members-only service that provides exclusive access to luxury brands in London.

Attending the launch at Rosewood Hotel on Wednesday, July 8, was Joanne’s brother David, who along with their mum, came out to support her first business project.

Joanne and Jay are hoping to expand the business further in Canary Wharf after starting initially with brands in Mayfair.

Joanne Beckham and Jay Smith - co-creators of WeAreYourCity

Joanne said: “It was a nice atmosphere on the night. David came to support me, which I really appreciated and my mum was there too.

“David came straight from Wimbledon and on the same night as the Tube strike, but I think it doesn’t matter who you are it’s always nice to have support from your family.

“It’s the first project that I have done so it was a big deal to see the hard work coming to life.”

Speaking about her famous sibling she said: “He’s still the same old David to me – him being famous, it never sinks in – he’s just my brother coming to support me, but the impact it has, I do appreciate that.”

Family connections are strong with the Beckhams and Joanne says she is in talks with Victoria Beckham as to whether she will be signed up as one of the brands for the service – she needs to check with them when they’re back from holiday.

Joanne Beckham and Andy Jordan

Another famous face at the launch was Made in Chelsea's Andy Jordan, who played for the private party.

Joanne said: “London is an amazing city and I have been lucky enough to visit some of the top restaurants, bars and hotels it has to offer.

“I have hand picked my favourites to save our members time, deliver exceptional value and create truly unforgettable experiences.”

Among the brands connected with WeAreYourCity are Louis Vuitton, The Dorchester, Nobu, Hakkasan, CUT, Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Roka, which has a branch in Canary Wharf and Joanne says is a personal favourite of hers.