Crowne Plaza London Docklands in Royal Docks has unveiled the results of a £550,000 refit to its meeting room facilities. Offering space for two to 200 people its seven-room suite delivers a wide range of options for clients with nods to the past, present and future.

General manager of the hotel Daniel Loosley cut the ribbon at the launch party on Thursday, March 2. He said: “All the rooms are themed, we’ve tried to really capture the essence of the area.

“For example, if you go into our Butler’s Suite you’ll see historic pictures of Butler’s Wharf.

"The Mulberry Room is named after the Mulberry Harbours that were built in Royal Docks and towed over to Normandy to assist in the invasion of France by Allied forces during the Second World War.

The hotel has spent £550,000 on refurbishing its facilities

“We have some really historic pictures of the local area to really try and connect the past to the ongoing regeneration of Royal Docks.”

He said the facilities offered a place for firms to escape “the bubble” of Canary Wharf.

He said: “We’re the only hotel in the Royal Docks area with such a large conference and events space and now that it’s been refurbished we’re the natural choice.

“We’ve got great views of Royal Victoria Dock, some really great facilities – it’s good to get some room to breathe. We offer a sanctuary.”

The refurbishment has included the introduction of coloured mood lighting

But while the “high-spec, state-of-the-art” facilities are available now, they’ve also been refurbished with an eye on the future, as ongoing regeneration prompts changes to the hotel’s core business.

Daniel said: “Royal Docks is a constantly changing place.

"We were the first hotel here in 2003 and the whole area is now unrecognisible. It’s set to change again.

“It’s a continuous process. Asian Business Port and Crossrail are the two big things that are coming up on the horizon and we’re really gearing ourselves up for that to make sure that we’re ready to receive Asian guests.

Daniel says his hotel is changing its business practices to reflect a upturn in the number of Asian guests

“One of the small things we’ve done is to put green tea in the bedrooms as our Asian guests like to have it.

“It’s also about having a range of newspapers in the right languages and translating our web page to make sure we’re accessible for sale in emerging markets.

“We’ve already noticed a slight upturn in the number of Asian guests as exploratory meetings take place.

“It’s something we’re really focussed on for the coming years, to make sure we help the area grow and develop.”

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