The Wharf Innovation In Business Awards 2016 are coming up fast. While the main focus of the event is to highlight and celebrate business in east London, it also gives us a chance to take stock of how business in this part of the capital is changing, where it is headed and the environmental pressures firms needs to be aware of in their sector and abroad.

London City Airport – sponsor of the Business Innovation category at the awards – is one of the capital’s physical conduits for inbound business.

“Buying decisions are no longer just based on price, experience increasingly influences how people spend their money,” said head of communications Charlotte Beeching. “How will that product or service make me feel as a customer? How will it affect my time?”

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She said innovation was key for the Royal Docks business as it evolves to provide products and service that are relevant to its customer base, as well as shaping the experience of travelling via London City to appeal to its clients.

She said empowering consumers to own more of their transaction both enhanced their experience and improved efficiency.

Charlotte said, for example, that if business travellers could print bag tags at a booth in Canary Wharf in their lunch hour, then they could make the most of their time in the office safe in the knowledge they’d be able to head straight to security on arrival at the airport.

London City Airport in Royal Docks

Alternatively, on a much less grand scale, she wondered what effect the ability to pre-order your coffee on your phone while on the DLR would have?

The reason for London City Airport sponsoring its chosen category at the awards, according to Charlotte, was that innovation had been crucial to managing its growth.

As made abundantly clear by Mayor of London Boris Johnson, the airport is space-constrained and as more and more people choose to use its terminal, it has had to innovate to maintain its key selling point of speed – 20 minutes departure and 15 minutes arrival – without compromising on customer experience.

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“East London has become a hotbed for innovation and London City Airport is very proud of its position at the heart of that,” she said.

“We look forward to seeing the latest innovations that have been developed right here on our doorstep.”

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