“Where there is a queue, we’ll wait in line for you,” screams the speech bubble logo on the uniform of The Canary Wharf PA.

The four-strong team founded by Deborah Millington can be found buzzing around the estate during the busy lunchtime rush.

Kitted out in white T-shirts, they tackle non-administrative tasks on behalf of busy Wharfers between 11am and 2pm.

This can be anything from collecting dry cleaning or ensuring corporates get their Mexican foodie fix - without having to wait what seems like an age for an enchilada.

“We’re giving Canary Wharfers a few hours of their day back,” said Essex-based Deborah.

“This means they can meet us, collect their food, and enjoy a lunch hour.

“For instance Tortilla [in Canary Wharf DLR] always has a long queue and our service lends itself well to something like that.

“We’ve got a destination to get to and we have got clients to achieve objectives for, so we just have to have a one-track mind. We are giving the corporates back that time.

“They’re just really busy, bogged down with work and the demands of their job and we are able to provide ad hoc, essential services every day.”

The idea for her business was sparked by a Wharf-based pal skipping lunch three days in a row - because he didn’t get a chance to leave his desk.

The 37-year-old joked he needed a PA for “the pivotal hours of the day” and her business was born in 2013.

Since then, clients have signed up for week-long or one-off day services.

The latter fees start from £20 per day and currently, the firm has a 50% discount for account renewals.

“The response and steady take up has proved it’s a viable business,” said Deborah, who traded in a career in marketing and retail project management for her new role.

“We really just want to make our mark here and ensure our clients are happy here, before we branch out.”

Those who subscribe to monthly service and quote The Wharf when booking will receive a free Desire 4 Food chocolate box worth £26. This offer runs until July 31.

Go to thecanarywharfpa.com .