The lights will burn brightly through the night on Thursday (June 23) as top Canary Wharf banks and financial institutions respond to exit polls from the EU referendum.

There could be wild swings in the foreign exchange and bond markets as a picture emerges of whether Britain decided to stick with the European Union or leave – the latter option likely to cause more turbulence.

Banks commonly have 24-hour operations to deal with time changes across the globe but, because of the significance of the vote, more workers are likely to brought in, along with senior managers.

Hotels near Canary Wharf are reaping the benefits as staff are put up for the night near the offices with operations poised to have teams working through the small hours on what could be one of the most volatile nights since Black Wednesday.

Citi, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, HSBC, and Barclays are among those banks planning to have senior staff and traders working or on call.

Morgan Stanley has warned it could cut up to 4,000 jobs if Brexit occurred and other major institutions – which always tend to favour status quo over uncertainty – have voiced support for the Remain camp.

“All the traders are going to be in. They don’t like missing big moments, if there’s going to be one, they want to be at their desk,” a senior Canary Wharf bank source told Reuters .

Chancellor George Osborne has refused to rule out suspending trading on the London stock market if Britain votes for Brexit, although the Leave campaign have denounced the statement as part of Project Fear.

Meanwhile the future of the European Medicines Agency , based in Canary Wharf, would be brought into question if Britain voted to leave.

And the future of Tate & Lyle in Silvertown is also being shaped by the vote. The sugar refining company has warned its staff that EU membership could hit the company's prosperity because EU tariffs work against the import of cane sugar, which is Tate's key raw material.

The polls still suggest that the decision is very close, with the momentum swinging back to the Remain campaign. The result will be known by about 7am Friday morning although regional voting will be announced throughout the night giving a clear indication by about 4am.