Employees at Barclays head office have been told they aren’t allowed to wear flip-flops to work any more.

The footwear news comes from a memo seen by The Telegraph, in which Barclaycard’s interim chief Amer Sajed sent a note to staff telling them flip-flops and T-shirts were not appropriate work attire and would not be welcomed from next month.

The memo has been prompted by new executive chairman John McFarlane, who is reportedly unhappy with the culture and behaviour at the Canary Wharf bank – including what people are wearing to work.

The memo states: “As the worldwide headquarters of the Barclays group, One Churchill Place is an important and iconic building.

HSBC and Barclays bank headquarters buildings in Canary Wharf

“With key client representatives and high profile guests regularly visiting the building it’s important that we present the right image of the business and that colleagues working in One Churchill Place represent Barclays at its best.

“Now defining ‘business casual’ is not easy – just try Googling the term to see what I mean! – but if you work on the premise that the overall objective is to project a professional, business-like image without being obliged to wear formal business attire then you should be fine.

“Principally it means no jeans, T-shirts, trainers or flip-flops (although – with the exception of flip-flops – more casual dress is acceptable on a Friday).”

We’ve taken this development pretty seriously and decided to come up with three alternatives (not mentioned specifically in the memo) that workers at One Churchill Place could opt for instead.

We’ll also buy a drink for Barclays workers who provide photographic evidence of themselves working inside the bank’s HQ over the course of a day wearing either stilts or thigh-high boots.



Quite possibly the ugliest things you could put on your feet, Crocs are all about practicality. You feet can still get a breather, like they would do in the humble flip flop, but your ghastly toes are all covered up.



These are due a fashion comeback, so why shouldn’t that start at Barclays? They are part musical instrument, part shoe and will definitely be a talking point – although probably while you’re not there with HR cc’d in.

Spice Girls with platform trainers

Platform trainers

The Spice Girls have been good enough to announce a comeback (minus Victoria), so in honour of this news, pop on these comfy. NB We know they said “trainers”, but PLATFORM trainers? Exactly...

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