The mayor of Tower Hamlets said the East End and the country as a whole had been plunged into “great uncertainty” by a vote for Brexit in the EU referendum.

Labour’s John Biggs has expressed his disappointment after just under 52% of the country elected to leave the union on Thursday, June 23.

Tower Hamlets overwhelmingly voted to remain with 68% in favour of staying in the EU as opposed to the 32% who voted for Brexit.

“I am obviously disappointed with the result,” John said, “particularly given that 68% of Tower Hamlets residents voted to remain.

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“I was clear during the campaign that the East End would be better off in the EU, but we must now accept the decision that the UK has made.

“There is great uncertainty about what it means for our borough, our city, and our country, but it is clear there will be some challenges.

“I believe in the East End and am confident that we will weather this storm, and retain the sense of tolerance, community and diversity that has defined us for centuries.

“I am sure that London will remain one of the world’s foremost trading centres and that the East End will continue to be a vibrant multicultural community regardless of our membership of the EU.”

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