How many times have you wished you could take a nap while at work?

Everything else in my Canary Wharf office works better if I switch it off for a few minutes, why shouldn’t I shut down too?

Naps are wrenched from our sleepy hands between nursery and school, and become less a regular routine and more something to be ashamed of.

America’s founding father, polymath and workaholic Benjamin Franklin said: “A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things. There will be sleeping enough in the grave.”

But then he also flew a kite in a storm to prove lightning was electricity.

To paraphrase my gran – if Benjamin jumped off a cliff would you do it to? I will take your electricity experiments that led to me having lots of cool gadgets, but you can keep your sleep habits, Ben.

Two of my favourite words are: Disco Nap. The phrase describes the practice of sleeping during the day to have enough energy to go out and party.

That’s more like it. I imagine dozing in a sequinned cocoon, under a quilt stuffed with the soft chest hair of a 1970s John Travolta, while a mirror ball lulls me gently to dreamland. Studio 54 meets the John Lewis bed department.

The time has come to demand the Office Nap. Design company Studio NL has already made a prototype of a desk that converts into a bed.

Owners could utilise the custom built space under the desk as a comfy resting place. We could catch 40 winks instead of 40 emails in the afternoon.

Snore instead of bore colleagues with weary blunders. Snooze instead of lose hours to procrastinating inactivity. Restart. Refresh. Be reborn.

The future is now. The future is asleep.

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