I have spent the weekend and most evenings after work this week designing and making a rhino’s head for a presentation Master A is giving tomorrow (Friday).

Now most severely time-stretched working mums (er, that would be all of them) would have either succumbed to the convenience of purchasing one online or simply printed off an image of the beast for a 1D rather than 3D effect.

Having scoped several websites for papier-mâché rhino heads, I was tempted to throw cash at the situation, especially as Master A was particularly drawn to one covered in a map of the world.

“It will be so good for my talk, Mummy. I’ll be able to point out where the rhinos live.”

The head was £40. I studied the photo. Hmmm. Not too difficult to make, I boldly concluded.

A trip to our local Hobbycraft store was required. This shop is to many women what B&Q is to a lot of men – a creator’s paradise, filled with weird and wonderful gizmos and gadgets, one never knew one needed until it turned up packaged here. A place where one leaves with a lorry-load of goods only to find them years later unused, collecting dust, at the back of cupboards.

At the cash desk the assistant totted up the goods – three new decoupage brushes, two sheets of world map wrapping paper, grey paint, a pack of googly eyes, a pot of Moo Glue, a plastic glue spreader, floristry stub wire and two floristry foam oasis cones.

Kerching. The total: £33.

Well, in my thinking, I had still saved myself £7. I chose to ignore the fact I was no nearer to holding the physical object despite forking out all this money.

I have spent something like 36 hours on this head which in terms of an hourly rate equates to around 12.5p an hour.

But it’s not always about the money but a sense of achievement. I presented Master A with the completed rhino head.

“I’ve changed my mind, Mummy. I’m now going to give a talk on football – which is good because that looks more like a unicorn than a rhino.”

Working Mum, trying super hard to take a Zen-like view of the situation.